Working in the Kimberley

Working in Kimberley Catholic Schools

Links to sites useful for anyone who has an interest in working in the Kimberley at St Joseph's Wyndham or at other Schools managed by the Catholic Education Office of West Australia.

Catholic Education Office Site - Working in Rural and Remote Schools

Kimberley Calling Brochure - multi-page

Working at St Joseph's School Wyndham

Teaching in Wyndham presents some unique challenges and unbelievable blessings. There are many places to see and there many new things to experience. There are many opportunities to volunteer your time, to meet new people, and contribute to our small community.

Our children deserve the best teachers, who are willing to put in the extra time and energy. Teaching at St Joseph’s in Wyndham is about loving each child; loving their unique quirky ways, loving their short comings and loving their honesty. Teaching in Wyndham teaches teachers to how to teach. St Thomas Aquinas says of love: ‘Love’ is wanting the very best for every other person. Teaching in Wyndham requires us to want the very best for every child, for every family and for every other staff member.

Teaching at St Joseph’s in Wyndham is the hardest job you will ever do, but it is most rewarding professionally, socially and spiritually; different rewards for each individual.
Teaching in Wyndham takes most people away from their families and their social network. This is very difficult at first, but with technology, and good use of school holidays, these obstacles can be overcome and/or adjustments made to make life a little easier.

Wyndham is hot most of the year. During October to January we experience the ‘build up’ to the wet season. During this time, the weather is very humid and this can take its toll on our bodies. Adjustments need to be made to work and sleep routines.

From January to April we experience the wet season. During a good wet season, the weather is beautiful as the rain brings welcome relief to the heat. The countryside transforms into a green oasis, waterfalls run, billabongs are filled, the wild life come alive and all is wonderful.

April to September (the dry season) the weather is mild, and mostly lovely. It can get hot, but without the humidity.

During the dry season the countryside turns brown and the grasses die.

During the dry season tourists come, the tourist attractions are open, there is activity on almost every weekend, and NEVER a dull moment..