The History of St Joseph's Primary School, Wyndham

On St Joseph's Day, March 19th 1964, the Mother General of the Sisters of St Joseph, Mother Adrian, her assistant Mother Leone and teaching Sisters Maureen, Joseph and Fergal (Margaret Lambert) arrived in Wyndham to open a Catholic School.?

The sisters were to live in the presbytery and Fr Carl Boes, soon replaced by Fr Binno, lived in the garage until a presbytery was built.

School commenced in the Church, now the pre-primary building. In true Kimberley style the desks went by mistake to Darwin and the Church seats were used instead. School commenced on the 31st of March 1964.?

By the 6th of April there were too many children for the building and so the years 4 to 7 were taught on the convent verandah. On the 7th of April the desks had arrived and on the 11th of April the boys and girls toilets were finished. Meanwhile everyone used the convent toilets. In August the school was hit by an influenza epidemic.

Mothers and Sr MareeThe new school building was moved into during the last term of 1974, and was officially blessed by Bishop Jobst on the 9th of November 1975. In 1975 the old school, formerly the Church, was renovated for the new pre-primary classroom and a sewing room. Soon after, the building was damaged by fire and needed more renovations to become the building it is today.?

In 1984 the first lay teacher commenced teaching at the school. Aboriginal Teaching Assistants have been working in the school since early times.?

In 1979 the Ngalangangpum School at Warmun was opened and many children from the Nine-Mile, outside of Wyndham, moved to Warmun. Today the school still holds strong links with the Warmun school and community.?

In 1986 the school underwent renovations and additions.?

In 1989 the school celebrated its silver Jubilee.?

In 2002 the school underwent further refurbishment.?

In 2004 the school celebrated its 40 years of Catholic Education in the East Kimberley.

In 2010, the school will continue with renovations to the Pre-Primary.

In 2011, the refurbished Kindy building was officially opened.