Location and Environs of St Joseph's Primary School, Wyndham

View of Coburn Ranges

Wyndham, Western Australia's most northern town has one of the hottest annual average temperatures in Australia. Established in 1886, Wyndham has a population of approximately 1000 people.

Famous for its barramundi, billabongs and boab trees, Wyndham is a remote community which is culturally diverse with a significant Aboriginal population. Wyndham is a historic town, with plenty to see and do, especially if you are a keen four-wheel-driver, camper and bush walker. Some of our best spots are a town secret.

Take a walk up the Bastion to catch a magnificent view at the Five Rivers Lookout.

Home to the rare and beautiful Gouldian Finch and Marlgu Billabong down the road, the town is a bird lovers paradise.

Wyndham Town Sign