• K/PP - Practicing our cutting skills

    November, 2017

    We have lots of opportunities in K/PP to practice cutting and lots of essential fine motor skills. We absolutely loved making our very own Wombat Stew! All very delicious. We then wrote about the ingredients and method in our writing session.

  • 1/2 Books in Homes

    September, 2017

    Books in homes, we love books!.

  • 1/2 Miracle Stories

    September, 2017

    Our favourite miracle stories from the Bible.

  • 1/2 Indigenous stories and art

    September, 2017

    We all painted indigenous stories, using dot painting and wrote a short story to go with it!

  • 3/4 Reading Groups

    September, 2017

    We love to do our reading groups everyday. We concentrate and focus on our own work. Learn new vocabulary and practicing reading high frequency words.

  • 5/6 Warmun Culture Camp

    August, 2017

    In August, Year 5-6 students went to Warmun for Culture Camp. Together we explored the culture of the region, visiting significant sites such as the Whipping Tree, Viewng the Kimberley stuatue of Mary and Jesus, the Warmun Art Centre and a Waterhole where the Rainbow Serpent lives. We also went on a bush walk and spent time with students from Ngalangangpum School.

  • K/PP Our Town Wyndham Excursion

    July, 2017

    This Term we have started our Geography unit. We thought it would be so much fun if we went and visited all the amazing places in Wyndham. We also thought we could pick up any rubbish we saw in these special places to help keep Wyndham clean. We had so much fun directing Mr Brook using our Wyndham maps, and using the terminology left,right, straight etc. One of our favourite excursions so far!

  • 1/2 Buddies

    July, 2017

    Fun times with our Buddies in 5/6

  • 1/2 Teamwork

    July, 2017

    We are a team and we work together in year 1/2

  • 1/2 Curriculum Areas

    July, 2017

    Working hard in all curriculum areas in year 1/2.

  • 1/2 Excursion

    July, 2017

    Fun times out and about in 1/2. Excursions around Wyndham.

  • K/PP Cooking Damper out Bush

    July, 2017

    In Design Technology this term we have been looking at the way traditional Indigenous food is cooked. Miss Sally cooked us damper on the fire, and we had a picnic together. It was so much fun!

  • 5/6 History

    July, 2017

    This term in History we have looked at the Gold rush. We learnt how to pan for gold and in what parts of W.A has gold been found in. We shared some stories of some family members we knew that found gold in Halls Creek. We went out into the playground and tried to find some gold for ourselves.

  • 5/6 Pen Pals

    July, 2017

    This semester we have been writing to our Pen Pals from St Mary Mackillop College in Busselton. We have enjoyed teaching the year 5 students about our culture and what we enjoy about living in the Kimberley.

  • 5/6 Buddy Time

    July, 2017

    This term we have had great fun each week spending time with our buddies. We have learnt about each other, played blueearth games, had fun answering some quiz questions and enjoying one other's company.

  • 3/4 Preparing for Athletics Carnival

    July, 2017

  • Year 6 Camp

    October, 2016

    During Week 4 this term, the Year 6 students travelled to Perth for their Graduation Camp. This had been a much-anticipated event all year and it did not disappoint! Whilst in Perth we camped out in the library of our host school St. Columba's. During our week, there we got to join St. Columba's for All Saints Day Mass, an amazing race with the year 6 students and outdoor play in the ECE yard. Our students got a tour of Parliament house which concluded with lunch in the members only restaurant. A very fancy, fine dining experience particularly enjoyed by the teachers. The students loved the view from Kings Park and seeing a piece of the Kimberley (the Boab tree) in the heart of Perth. Unfortunately, it was just a little too cold to go swimming at Cottlesloe beach but that didn't stop us from having lots of fun people watching and tucking in on fish and chips for dinner. Bounce was popular with all and was followed by some shopping. We got to see everyone's favourite animals at the zoo and there were lots of great photo opportunities. After learning about graffiti at school the kids enjoyed finding examples of it throughout the city and discussing the artistic merits of each example. There were many complaints of why we had to leave Perth at all and lots wished they could stay forever. This was taken as an indication of a very successful camp! Thanks to all those who contributed to an amazing week for our students.

  • Remembrance Day

    November, 2016

    To mark Remembrance Day, the year 5/6 class led us in a whole school liturgy. This gave our school the opportunity to pay respect to all those soldiers past and present who have served and lost their lives in different wars throughout history. Each student was invited to come and plant a poppy at the base of our sacred space and representatives from each class laid a wreath. Our service concluded with the singing of the National Anthem.

  • Hands On

    December, 2016

    Lots of Hands-on Activities Year 1/2.

  • Leaf Drawing

    August, 2016

    Leaf Drawing with our Pre-Primary buddies.

  • St Mary of the Cross Mackillop Feast Day

    August 8, 2016

    On the 8th August our school celebrated the Feast of Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop. Mary as the founder of the Sisters of St. Joseph is a very important person to our school. We celebrated her feast day with a Mass led by our parish priest Fr Joel. Our students then joined in activities to learn more about Mary MacKillop. The first activity had students learning about Mary's life and her family, the second activity had students learning about our school's history and the important role played by the Josephite sisters. While the last activity had student's playing party games to help celebrate this special occasion. It was a great day enjoyed by all who participated.

  • Rock and Water

    August 2016


  • Mathematics

    August 2016

    Students in year 3/4 have been learning about fractions. They have been developing their understanding of equivalent fractions using materials.

  • First Aid

    August 2016

    Students from Year 3-6 were lucky enough to enjoy an incursion from our local St. John Ambulance members. As well as learning some very handy first aid skills the students got to explore the Ambulance.

  • First Fleet - History

    August 2016

    We have been learning about the History of the Voyage of the First Fleet. Students worked using recycled materials to make a representation of a ship from the First Fleet. They have been learning many facts about the ships.

  • Culture with Miss Jean

    August 2016

    Aboriginal dancing and music. Lots of fun for Year 5/6 Class.

  • Capacity

    August 2016

    Capacity - How much a container can hold.

  • Whole School Mad Maths Day

    Last Day Term 2 2016

    On the last day of term 2 we had a whole school mad maths day. Students participated in a range of different and fun maths activities. We played a sports game called Hot Shots, card games and joined in a Maths Trail with our buddies from Nagle and Trinity. We had a great afternoon.

  • Vegetable Garden - Yrs 3/4

    May 2016

    During Term 2 we have been working hard to re-establish a vegetable garden at school. We have planted pumpkins, watermelon, cucumbers and rockmelons. We have been fortunate enough to harvest some cucumbers. They were delicious!
  • World Youth Day Cross

    June 28 2016

    On Tuesday June 28 th 2016 the World Youth Day Cross came to Wyndham. The whole school gathered at the Big Crocodile in town as well as Father Joel, parishioners and some visiting students from Trinity College. We all processed back to school along the road and had a lovely liturgy on the grass at the front of our school. Some students even made their Reconciliation during this liturgy and anyone who was there was invited to take part in Reconciliation as well.

  • Habitats - Yrs 1/2

    July 2016

    We have been learning about habitats. We had to make up our own new animal and Design a habitat to suit its needs. We had so much fun making and designing these. 

  • Role Play Fun in Kindy/Pre-Primary

    June 2016


  • Pilgrimage Camp

    May-June 2016

    During week 6, 14 students and 4 staff members from St. Joseph?s Wyndham travelled over 14 hours in a bus with fifty other people to join in the Jubilee celebrations in Broome. After a long journey there, we didn?t waste any time fitting in lots of fun and interesting activities whilst we were in Broome. Students visited the Museum, Heritage Centre, Gantheume point, went shopping, played mini golf, had camel rids and ate lots of great take away. We then joined with other school students as well as people from all over Australia and from overseas for the Jubilee Mass. This was a lovely celebration to end our time in Broome. In many years? time we are sure the students will look back on this camp and remember their experience fondly as participating in the Church?s 50th Birthday is a once in a life time opportunity.

  • Sacrament of Confirmation

    15 May 2016

    Shaneal Karadada, Amos Lippitt, Orion Arthur and Tristan Swartz were amongst almost twenty candidates who received the Sacrament of Confirmation on the 15th May, 2016. It was a lovely celebration with students from Kununurra and Warmun also being confirmed.

  • Sacrament of Baptism

    On the 2nd May 2016, six students received the Sacrament of Baptism at Queen of Apostles Church, Wyndham. Five students were from St. Joseph?s School Wyndham and one student was from Wyndham District High School. They were supported by their family and friends who were there to celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism with them. Congratulations to Daniel Atkins, Emily Atkins, Tristan Swartz, Aysha-May Bradshaw, Ella Bradshaw and Shaneal Karadada.

  • Fun at the Library

    May 2016


  • Learning Our Spelling

    May 2016

    Learning our spelling in different ways in 1/2

  • Lots of Fun Activities in 1/2

    April 2016
  • Doing maths and using rulers to measure our bunnies in 1/2.

    March 2016


  • Year 5/6 February Activities

    February 2016

    It has been a wonderful start to 2016 in the Year 5/6 class. We have already been very busy and at this rate it looks like the term is just going to fly by. We have been to the pool for our class party and Kununurra for Squash. In between all the fun activities we have started our learning; in Maths we have begun looking at 3D shapes, in reading we have been reviewing our comprehension strategies and in writing we have been developing holiday recounts.
    Our Year 6 students have also been busy preparing for Leadership selection. They have written and presented their own speeches to the school and been interviewed by a panel of adults where they had to answer questions about what type of leader they will be.

  • Aboriginal Teaching Assistant Graduation

    November 2015

    Ms Latarney McGinty graduated from the Certificate III in Education Support course through Bachelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education recently. Congratulations Tarney.

  • School and Class Masses

    We are blessed to have priests available to say Mass for us from time to time

  • Our Elders who support our School

    August 2015

    Mrs June Birch and Mrs Marjorie Hunter.

  • Sacrament of Confirmation

    August 2015

    Confirmation at Queen of Apostles Parish, WYNDHAM led by Bishop Christopher Saunders

  • Book Week

    August 2015

    During book week, we had many activities including mask-making.

  • Sports Day

    August 2015


  • Naidoc Week

    July 2015

    During NAIDOC week this year we took the students to some significant land marks around Wyndham.

  • Naidoc Week

    June 2015

    During one of our Culture lessons, we took the student to visit the dreamtime statues in Wyndham. We were accompanied by our elder, Ambrose.